Jerusalem - a stroll through 1001 nights | Jerusalemer Altstadt

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Audio walk by Andreas Glindemann

16 Stations
47:34 min Audio
4.41 km directions_walk
Languages: German English
Jerusalem - a stroll through 1001 nights

Join me and take a stroll through the Old City of Jerusalem with its ancient City Wall and gates and their different unique quarters within.

For your own safety check with your home ministry for foreign affairs of danger alerts and warnings for the region as well as talking to local authorities and hosts to any signs for possible trouble ahead that should be avoided.

I am not a local citizen of Jerusalem but have been living here for three years and have always gotten along well, If you follow the do’s and don’ts of my audiotour carefully.

Enjoy the sensation of exploring 1001 nights in Jerusalem by taking this guided tour.

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Stations in this audio guide:

Paulus House (6:49 min) • Damascus Gate (3:50 min) • The Shuk - entering the Arab Quarter of the Old City. (1:55 min) • Junction (1:33 min) • Austrian Hospice (4:26 min) • Via Dolorosa (0:45 min) • Lions Gate (4:14 min) • Garden Getsemaneh (2:32 min) • Dung Gate (2:54 min) • Western Wall (4:08 min) • Church of Redeemer (3:58 min) • Church of the holy Sepulture (2:13 min) • Jaffa Gate (0:58 min) • Mamilla Mall (1:15 min) • New Gate (4:02 min) • Notre Dame (2:02 min)

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