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Nov 20, 2023
1906 Atlanta Race Massacre Walking Tour
NPR member station WABE FM took a walking tour with the late historian and Georgia State University professor Clifford Kuhn, stopping at some of the most pivotal locations during the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre.
Feb 27, 2022
Ettersburg - Buchenwald
The 45-minute audio walk leads from Ettersburg Castle near Weimar to the Buchenwald concentration camp memorial and can be used as preparation for a visit to the memorial. Following the steps of the artist, one walks through the forest while interview partners describe their connection to the concentration camp. One focus lies in images of the Holocaust - in particular photographs from the liberated camps. The walk ends on arrival at the memorial site.
Nov 2, 2021
Invititation to walk
‘Built & Grown’ is a walk from the podcast-series ‘Invitation to Walk // Hör-Spiel-Spaziergänge’ by Katja Münker. The four episodes lead and allure to walking body-perception experiments. They are intended for the appropriation of the city with and through somatics, choreography and artistic research. The content touches on anatomical-physiological aspects of perception, backgrounds from body philosophy and embodiment cognition, history and practices in walking art and performance art, as well as urban history. This walk investigates the built and the grown in the body and the city by using the own body as a research organ.


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