Prices and conditions for creators

Audio guides by private individuals without financial funding can be published for free on guidemate.

For productions by artists, institutions or touristic providers, a service fee is charged:

Audio walks made by
  • private persons without support of an institution
  • comprehensive schools that did not have financial support
0.00 €
Audio walks in the field of arts and eduction with an overall budget of up to 3.500 €
€ 50 per 3 years
€ 120.00 per 10 years
Audio walks in the field of arts and education
€ 75.00 per year
€ 600.00 per 10 years
Audio walks in the field of tourism or economy
€ 180.00 per year
€ 1,500.00 per 10 years

Fees include VAT.
Individual agreements and special conditions are possible and must be agreed in writing.
As soon as the audio walk is published, guidemate will invoice the provider for the service fees. The service fees are to be paid by the provider via bank transfer or by issuing a SEPA direct debit mandate.

Audio guides to be sold can be published for free. Guidemate retains a commission from the proceeds instead.

Details can be found in the distribution contract.

Why guidemate?

We have a solidarity pricing model - all categories receive the same services:

  • The guides can be used in the apps for Android and iOS and on the guidemate website
  • In the apps: display of the current GPS position on the map and optional automatic playback when a station is approached
  • The tours can be used offline in the apps. Even the map data can be downloaded.
  • Every tour can have multiple language versions
  • Tours can be created and edited easily with our guidemate creator via the website
  • You can embed your audio walk as a widget on your own website. The widget is a fully usable version of the guide with map, audio player, photos and descriptions.
  • Personal support via e-mail and phone
  • No annoying advertising banners - guidemate is and stays ad free
  • Our servers are located in the EU and are operated with green electricity
  • We do not use any external tracking
  • Every audio walk has its own landing page
  • QR codes can be generated for tours and stations within a tour
  • Search engine optimization - optimal findability via search engines
  • We advertise selected tours via our blog and our social media channels
  • Your tour is embedded into a large number of high quality audio walks (currently mostly located in German speaking countries)
  • We can create a dedicated app and/or web app with individual design for your own tours. Contact us for an individual offer.


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