Kassel, downtown

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Kassel, downtown

In this audio guide we start at „rathaus“ and troll along „Obere Königsstraße“ past Friedrichsplatz and Treppenstraße to Königsplatz. There we will turn right, visit Druselturm and Martinskirche and will then continue to the bank of the river Fulda to the torrent, the last remains of Kassel’s old castle. Via Altmarkt we will walk passing Karlshospital to the former arsenal and from there we will proceed to the former old town’s cemetery, today’s Lutherplatz. The audio tour will finish there..

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Stations in this audio guide:

Introduction (3:06 min) • History of the city (18:01 min) • City hall (3:35 min) • Well of Aschrott (3:43 min) • Well of Henschel (3:51 min) • Victim of the Violence (1:28 min) • Opera square (2:12 min) • Friederic Square (5:55 min) • Street from Stairs (3:48 min) • Königs square (7:05 min) • Garrisson church (4:19 min) • Drusel tower (2:57 min) • Church of St. Martin (11:25 min) • Royal stables (4:25 min) • Church of the brotheres (2:06 min) • Renthof (4:54 min) • Torret (4:57 min) • Drahtbrücke (4:09 min) • From Altmarkt to Weserspitze (4:38 min) • Carls hospital (1:55 min) • Arsenal (13:08 min) • University (4:48 min) • To the crossing "Am Stern" (5:48 min) • Crossing "am Stern" (1:00 min) • Luthers square (5:54 min) • Luthers church (9:13 min) • Grave of Reichenbach (3:05 min) • Electoral tomb (1:18 min) • Finish (1:23 min)

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