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Historia Natural Humboldthain

The Volkspark Humboldthain was designed as a landscape with a strong emphasis on nature, but since its foundation, the 14th of September of 1869, the exact day of the 100th birthday of Alexander von Humboldt, the park it has undergone several transformations. In the beginning the park was a botanical garden with a greenhouse, geological walls and an open air vivarium for reptiles and amphibians, later used for built bunkers as radar mountains and underground tunnels. Afterwards the park was totally destroyed it was rebuilt again by its neighbors. The size of the park has been reduced, still a lot of grove or hain around, but about Humboldt there is almost nothing left.

During this audio walk we will listen a sound composition that will guide us to a route through the jungle, mountains and rivers to contemplate nature, recognize trees and observe History. Also to spot a beaver that’s look like a chigüire, bat nests, butterflies, birds, crows, snails, bees, squirrels, stones, bamboo, seeds, leaves, roots and ant kingdoms. A Botanical Expedition to listen the park and listen in the park.

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Stations in this audio guide:

00:00 let's walk (2:08 min) • 02:10 this fountain looks like a Chigüire (1:56 min) • 04:10 Rosengarten (1:04 min) • 05:12 Diana mit Windhunden - Jagende Nymphe (3:12 min) • 08:04 stairs (1:52 min) • 10:00 Behind the bunker (1:20 min) • 11:40 Bunker Flakturm III (6:16 min) • 18:00 Ghost train (2:32 min) • 20:00 continue through the forest keep right (0:52 min) • 21:00 Forest (2:35 min) • 23:30 Field (1:17 min) • 25:00 Whistles (1:00 min) • 26:20 walking around bamboo garden (3:44 min) • 30:00 Pavilion (3:28 min) • 33:20 Alexander Von Humboldt (2:09 min) • 35:30 Greenhouse (2:34 min) • 38:00 Kleiner Bunker (1:57 min) • 40:00 Going down (3:06 min) • 43:00 Cutted tree

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